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Hello and welcome to Vebely, a WordPress resource site for everyone. Vebely provides guides, tutorials, resources, and products for WordPress website owners to grow their businesses, blogs, techy and non-techy websites.
If you have ever asked yourself,

“How can I build a website for myself or my business?”
“How to make a website for blog or how to make eCommerce website?”
“What is WordPress and how to use it?”
“How to fix ____ WordPress error?”
“How can I learn about WordPress?”

Or any other question regarding WordPress, You are at the perfect place.

Off to a big start!

Started in 2018 to growing business and creating a bigger audience and product Sales Start of the bat.
Along with tutorials and guides, We have developed a number of themes and plugins for WordPress geeks. And in a span of two years has generated a generous amount of sales and a genuine audience.


With Quality We set our main focus on creating better relations with our audience to fulfill the requirements and achieve the best results.

Find our Premium WordPress themes & Plugins on Vebely’s Market. 

We provide Website development Services & Optimization Services For WordPress Based Websites.

Our Mission

” We make it possible for anyone in the world to grow their online existence, Through tutorials, tools, products & community members to help. “

Why vebely (Our Story)

Vebly’s story began in 2018 when Mohit Mehta created WordPress resources and a blogging platform as it was challenging to learn complete website building and managing.
After Creating an Amazing team to develop further, Vebely managed to pull off some amazing ideas for WordPress tools.
vebely provides complete tutorials and guides regarding WordPress site-building and development. Also, every other tweak regarding WP is also explained properly.


Why Only vebely resources?

  • In-depth guide
  • For a newbie to professional
  • Most updated information
  • 100% user response & Support
  • Now vebely is ready to support WordPress developers.


Get started with vebely

If you are a complete newbie about website and WordPress, then e highly recommend that you check the following areas of vebely

Vebely Blog: it is the main page that contains all of our guides and blogs.

Vebely Dictionary: Check our complete list of guides and posts word by word to get into the environment of WordPress websites.

Vebely Blueprint: If want to find out how we incorporate ourselves in WordPress? check our complete blueprint.

Vebely Deals: Exclusive discounts on WordPress products and services for Vebely users.

Vebely Products: Visit our themes and plugins to make your work easy and simple to work with

If you have any questions about WordPress, then do not hesitate to contact us.

If you are interested in joining the team vebely, Submit yourself here.

Team Vebely

vebely also provides services regarding website development for enterprises and businesses, I want to hire us to work for your project or business?
Kindly visit our services to know more about our WordPress services.

vebely has developed tools to help WordPress users create their website in a better and easy way, It would be amazing if you can check out our plugin and themes. We try to make all the supported plugins and themes for free.
To check our plugins and themes for WordPress you can visit our products page.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this, and we hope to see you on the blog sometime soon!