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WordPress Dictionary: What is Admin Area?

Complete Details on WordPress’s Confusing Abbreviations, Terms, And Functions.

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WordPress admin area
Admin Area of WordPress

Backend From Admin controls website is known as the Admin Area of WordPress. wp-admin directory accesses the backend. It is known as the Control room of the website.

By using this structure of URL containing your domain, you can access your WordPress website.

Admin area has full control over the website. It is the administrative center of the WordPress core. User logged in as administrator has complete access to overall components of the website. There are other user roles. User roles are for developers working on the website to have access, Who has limited access to some functions.

At the top, there is an admin bar with the WordPress logo, location of your website address, comments, and other functions. Custom plugins can add more options to the admin bar if required. If it is a WordPress Multisite Network, then it is used to access and manage multiple sites.

There is the Main menu of WordPress on the right side of the screen. It shows all the core functions of the website and also all the active plugins. All tabs in the main menu have submenus. Submenu pops up on hover or click.

The Middle section of the screen is the working area where all the selected menus and plugins show their respective functions.

At the very bottom, there is a WordPress footer that shows the current WordPress version.

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