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WordPress Dictionary: What is Atom?

Complete Details on WordPress’s Confusing Abbreviations, Terms, And Functions.

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Atom Syndication Format is known as Atom, Which is an open-source text editor from GitHub. It is a format to publish content in XML to be used by feed readers and news aggregators. 

WordPress can create feed naturally for the content, which then is included in the header template to get discovered automatically where feed readers check for updates on site.

RSS and Atom have the same working. But it was developed to fix some of the flaws in RSS. It is used to generate an Atom feed for the content which is then included in the header template to be automatically discovered by feed readers and news aggregators.

Feed readers are programs that run inside the user’s computers. But Most of the browsers support their inbuilt feed readers.

Advantages of Atom in WordPress.

Feeds are globally available on every computer device.

It allows the creation and deletion of posts and media from the site.

Activation of Atom in WordPress.

the Atom Publishing Protocol Plugin is required to use Atom because WordPress has deactivated Atompub after WordPress 3.5

What is Atompub?

Atom Publishing Protocol is called Atompub. It is a web standard.

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