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Types Of Website in WordPress

Do you know ” What types of websites can be created on WordPress? “

Most of the time before deciding to make a website with WordPress or not? It is important to know whether if WordPress can make the desired website or not.

can WordPress do ___?

Most of the time the answer is YES. It is a highly customizable and flexible software to work with.

WordPress has so many features. It is flexible enough to make different types of websites with it. WordPress was created as a blogging platform initially. Because of a huge user base and developer communities, Many plugins and themes are available to create more functionalities, It can be used to make eCommerce sites, memberships sites, enterprise sites and so much more.

” From around 450 million websites by 2020, Around 60% of them uses the same Content management as WordPress. WordPress is CMS Leader “

To Create Different types of Websites various tools might be required to add more functionalities. With the right combination of themes and plugins, You can create the desired website without any customization limits. With WordPress, the sky’s the limit.

You can use WordPress to build any type of website. Important is the idea. The possibilities and the innovations that you can implement into your build are practically limitless.

These are the 40 types of WordPress websites

Blog or Personal Website


WordPress started as a blogging platform, Nowadays a lot has developed but nothing is deducted so the features and functions for blogging are superior in WordPress.

What is a WordPress Blog or a personal site?

It is a regularly updated website or web page, typically run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal style.

What type of blogs can you make?

Fashion Blog, Music Blog, Travel Blog, Lifestyle Blog, Fitness Blog, DIY Blog, and many more.

Most Popular Blogs

Huffington Post, TMZ, Business Insider, Mashable & More

How to make a WordPress blog?

You can follow these step-by-step guides or you can follow this to learn to make a blog.

To make a successful Blog there are some major aspects that should be considered Like you have to have passion for the work that you are presenting, You should focus on relative content, it should be engaging, and so on and on.

Check complete points to keep in mind before starting a guide.

News Website


Combining Images, Videos & the Most updated news content can make the best NEWS website. News & Stories attracts everyone’s attention easily

What is a WordPress News site?

It can be a website to post updated NEWS regarding any topics. Not only textbook topics, but the website can also target any community like Gaming News Site or any other topic that interests you.

What type of News Site can you make?

You can make any type of news site like government news, academics news, gaming news site, paparazzi news site. There are endless options.

Most Popular Blogs

New York Post, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today & More

How to make a WordPress News Website?

By following this guide if you are a complete beginner. Or you can learn from here if know about WordPress.

To make a successful News site You should keep in mind that there are so many things to keep in mind like SEO Nature, Content Updating, Targeting Community. Check these points before deciding to make a news website.

Check complete points to keep in mind before making WordPress NEWS Site.

E-Commerce Website


WordPress has become the best option for eCommerce website CMS. There are so many customization options and many features available to make a perfect eCommerce website as required.

What is a WordPress Ecommerce Website?

Online Market to sell or buy goods is known as an e-commerce website.

If you want to sell digital or physical products on your website then WordPress provides eCommerce website building facilities with maximum features.

What type of ecommerce Site can you make?

There are so many types of eCommerce sites and WordPress allows you to make like Multivendor eCommerce websites, dropshipping eCommerce websites, Normal eCommerce website to sell from a single end, and much more.

Most Popular Ecommerce Sites Based On WordPress

querohms, adoboloco, Barefoot Buttons, Root Science & More

How to make a WordPress E-commerce Website?

Follow current guide if you are beginner or you can jump to this guide to make ecommerce website.

Before making an eCommerce website on WordPress you must know about all whereabouts of eCommerce platforms.

Check complete points to keep in mind before making WordPress Ecommerce Site.

Micro job Website


Creating a micro job booking website based on microniche is one of the most popular ideas on websites, It can adapt to quick monetization, Serious clients, and users & Low work profiles.

Recently earning through online services has one of the best part-time job opportunities. WordPress also supports Microjob websites.

What is a Microjob Website?

It is an online marketplace where you can hire someone to work for you. You can hire anyone across the world through your computer and websites that handle these types of functionalities are known as microjob websites.

How to make a Microjob WordPress Website?

You can follow these step-by-step guides or you can follow this to learn to make a blog.

If you do not know what a microjob website is then you should check Fiverr or freelancer.

Podcast Website


WordPress Websites supports Podcast websites.  Both platforms go hand in hand providing so many features for a particular website.

What is a podcast website?

It is a website to make your podcast available to users through your website, you can make them free or paid. It can be an audio series of anything that the owner wants to provide.

WordPress Podcast Website There are so many WordPress plugins dedicated to podcasting, they allow you to sell, manage, & advertise your content across the world. Features like integrating audio, adding bonus content, memberships, emails management, download management, and all other store-based requirements are handled by WordPress.

How to Make a Podcast Website using WordPress?

Follow the current guide if you want to learn the complete process with WordPress, otherwise, you can check this guide dedicated to how to make a WordPress podcast website.

Job Boarding Website


Similar to a microjob website, Job boarding sites focus on bigger projects rather than microniche works.

What is a Job Boarding website?

Job boarding is used by employers to advertise their job vacancies to job seekers. Job seekers can use job boards to search for new job opportunities in their area and profession.

many popular websites use job boarding for extra income and to put out more features. Some of the most popular job boarding websites are Upwork, Glassdoor & More

If you want to learn about How to make a job boarding website in WordPress then you can follow this link or you can follow the step by step tutorial on how to make Job boarding website with WordPress.

Business Directory Website


A business directory is a website or printed listing of information which lists businesses within niche based categories. Businesses can be categorized by niche, location, activity, or size. The business may be compiled either manually or through an automated online search software.

Just like niche business websites, You can make your business directory website and convert it into a web directory website also.

What is a Business Directory Website?

A business directory is like an online version of the Yellow Pages. Every business directory contains an index of companies listed alphabetically by industry. The business directory helps users search for companies, services, or products in their area in a more targeted way.

Popular Business Directory Website?

Yellow Pages, Hotfrog, Four Square & More

How to make a business directory website with WordPress?

You can follow the current guide to learn everything about WordPress and then you can follow this guide on How to properly make a Business directory Website with WordPress.

Question & Answers Website


Do you want to make your own version of Yahoo answer, Stack Exchange, or Quora? Question-answer websites are quite popular and engaging. WordPress provides themes and plugins to create a questions and answers site dedicated to Q & A, a single FAQ page, or add a question and answer section.

With such themes and plugins, you can easily create your own questions answer website and start creating a community of yours. And also WordPress is completely customizable so you can easily create any changes as per your requirements.

To start your WordPress question-answer website, Click here.

NonProfits and Religious Websites


If you work for nonprofit services, charity services, NGO, or if you are in religious works, Then the website is the best way to showcase your services to the world. 

WordPress charity website can be used as a showcase to show your works, request funds to run the organization, generate donations, gather resources for everyone, and a lot more.

To create a charity website in WordPress, Click here

” If you are working or running any nonprofit social services like charity or NGO and are looking for a website then you can contact us directly, We will gladly help you as much as possible from our end as a gift to your organization.”

Contact us

Government News, letters Website


WordPress’s customizable features allow you to convey any message, including official statements. Governments around the world opt for WordPress to display information in a simple but effective way. 

WordPress makes the experience the best it can be for both visitors and site admins.

How: Governments are no doubt attracted by the ability to display a range of different pages, from news to events. Certain extensions even allow for multi-language websites, perfect for countries with more than one common language.

Portfolio Websites


Showcasing your portfolio through a website can create a major impact on your first business profile. Whether you’re a graphic designer, illustrator, photographer, or even a web designer.

How to make a portfolio website with WordPress? 

WordPress offers so many themes and plugins that you can choose to work with and create your website, you can use themes involving beautiful image sliders and stunning photo galleries are a must-have for people who create visual content. It’s no surprise that WordPress has become popular for this purpose.

You can follow this guide to make a portfolio website on WordPress.

Forums & Online Communities


The easy to use nature of WordPress means that truly anyone can pick it up and learn how to create the site you want which could be an online community dedicated to your favorite book, product, show, or business.

How to make a forum website with WordPress?

WordPress can help you build a forum, and then there’s a multitude of extensions and plugins that can boost the user experience of that forum including a registration code plugin to deter trolls.

You could even transform part of the site into a dedicated wiki knowledge base or use PeepSo or BuddyPress to create your own social network!

Click here to get started making your online community website.

Charity Websites


Similarly to business, WordPress can help you to craft a site to keep patrons informed of what your charity stands for, what it’s up to, and how donations are being spent. It also gives a secure place for patrons to donate.

How to make a charity website with WordPress?

WordPress features can be utilized to create engaging and inspiring content combining images, videos, and written content.

Click here to know more about how to make charity website.

Broadcasting Websites


With WordPress, you can make a website to broadcast your live shows, classes, or meetings. If you want to make a show broadcasting website or any content releasing website or product releasing site then WordPress powers so many theme and plugin.

What is a broadcasting site?

Broadcasting website is Content webcasting to the audience through the internet for purpose of advertising and marketing. WordPress offers such facilities to make a Broadcasting site for your business.

To create Broadcasting website with WordPress, Click here

Coupon Website


Coupons and referral codes are one of the highest traffic websites.

Everyone uses the website to buy products and most of the websites offer coupon codes facilities and referral codes or their products or services, so there will be requirements for coupon codes all the time

What is a coupon website?

Coupon websites advertising sites for direct marketing to facilitate group-buying deals.

How to make WordPress Coupon website?

WordPress is CMS so it can develop large customer databases by collecting the name, contact details, and location of each person who purchases from them.

Popular coupon websites?

Befrugal, Groupon, retailmenot and more

Click here To create your WordPress coupon website

Auction Websites


What is more, good than earning money?

With auction websites, you can allow users to add products to sell and let other users buy them on the website.

It does sound great, Right?

It is a great way to create an e-commerce business, eBay is one of the biggest auction websites with more than a 100million users. 

But how to make an auction website?

Anwer is the same as always, WordPress allows to create of an auction website. there are so many dedicated themes, plugins, add-ons, and more to enhance the auction website.

If you are looking to create a auction website you can check out this guide to make an auction website in WordPress.

How to make an auction website with WordPress?

Multilingual Websites


It is important to have a multilanguage function on the website because websites are accessible across the world and anyone can see your content, So it is required that your content must be optimized to multi-language function s that every community can use the website.

It is a tough task to create a multilanguage version of the website, But with WordPress, it is comparatively pretty easy because there is a number of WordPress plugin that allow the website to have a multilanguage facility.

If you want to make your WordPress available in multiple languages, Click here to get started

Travel Websites


There is a huge number of people out there wanting to explore new places over the world. If you also like to travel or you have traveled somewhere before then you can build a website of that experience to get the attention of the interested audience.

What is a Travel WordPress website?

A travel website can be a blog to showcase your journey to attract an audience, Or it can be a directory for must-visit places around the world.

How to make a traveling website?

Simply, With WordPress. You can follow current guide to learn completely about WordPress and then follow this guide to create your WordPress based travelling website.

How to monetize a traveling website?

You can use various ad campaigns and also you can affiliate booking services or you can create your own traveling agency to book tickets.

If you have a traveling agency a WordPress Website is a must to have.

Click here to get started in the making your traveling website in WordPress

Appointment Websites


An appointment website can be helpful for a business that requires features to accept appointments, calendar bookings, and payments 24×7.

What is an appointment website?

Appointment and bookings website allows clients to book, reschedule, and cancel appointments through the website. If users want to make an appointment, they go to your business’s website, Facebook page, or anywhere else the booking software is supported, and choose an available date and time. and pays for the services.

What type of business can create a booking or appointment website?

Any business that provides services on a bookings basis can create a website for their services. Hospitals, Private Doctors, Household services agencies, repairing and renovating agencies, private yoga instructors, and health instructors, the List is endless.

how to make an Appointment / Booking a WordPress website?

Follow Current guide to learn about WordPress and then follow this tutorial on how to make appointment website with WordPress

Gaming Website


With WordPress, you can make a gaming website.  that can all users to play games on the website or else users can purchase games.

What is a gaming website?

A website where users can play flash games is categorized as a gaming website. It can be a community of gamers or resources site, tutorial site, website based on an individual game.

How to monetize a gaming website?

  • If you are a game developer then you can sell your products through the website.
  • You can use ad campaigns
  • for affiliate markets from marketplaces.
  • memberships and bookings on games and consoles
  • you can set up private ads campaigns as well

Click here to create your aging website using WordPress.

Knowledgebase / Wiki Websites


If want to make a documentation type knowledgebase website or want to make an easy to browse book style website, WordPress can help you build such a website.

What is a Knowledgebase website?

A knowledge base is a self-serve online library of information about a product, service, department, or topic. The data in your knowledge base can come from anywhere.

Want to add a documentation section with a knowledge base or wiki-like articles?

WordPress comes with great assets that can turn your website into an easy-to-browse knowledge base wiki site. There are three different ways you can build a wiki site within WordPress:

  • By using a dedicated WordPress wiki theme to build your knowledge base.
  • You can use a dedicated WordPress wiki plugin to build your knowledge base.
  • You can use some custom code snippets to build your knowledge base.

Click here to know more about the knowledgebase website in WordPress.

Social Media Content Websites


WordPress has functionalities to create blogs, sell products, market products, optimize websites according to requirements, and everything with a safe environment.

A social media content website requires the same features that WordPress is providing, With the correct combination of themes and plugins you can make an amazing content website providing the website with WordPress.

What is a social media content website?

What is more popular than TikTok, Instagram, Facebook or any other social media? You can make a resource website for social media users, content ideas websites etc.

How to monetize social media content website?

  • Ads campaigns
  • Private ads campaigns
  • promotions and referrals
  • memberships on private content

Click Here to get started on How to make social media content website with WordPress.

Niche Affiliate Websites


Do you want to make a website to make commissions on products by referring your users to products and services?

WordPress is supportive to every affiliate niche, if you can have marketing skills and know how o get the right audience then there is nothing ebteter than having a niche affiliate website for the target audience.

How do niche affiliate websites work?

It targets the right audience for a specific product and gives the audience what they need with a special referral link. If your audience is potential customers then get awarded by the product owners on every sale.

Popular WordPress Affiliates website:

CouponXL, Topclass, News, Throne mag, etc.

Click here to learn How to make a niche affiliate website with wordpress.



Saas can be used to make App services, It is known as Software as a service. It allows the website to provide furthermore services to users.

What is a Saas Website?

Software as a service (SaaS) is a method of software delivery that allows to access data from any device with an Internet connection and web browser. Most often, the software company provides it on a hosted platform. Customers can access the website via API and the website handles all the functions.

SaaS is the perfect method to deliver an app service. In return, prospects use the software without having to worry about maintenance and installation. They simply have it available on the Internet through your WordPress build.

A SaaS solution can be deployed in multiple areas, including B2B, HR, CRM, Management, Finance, etc. As a matter of fact, we’ve built our own CRM platform from scratch on WordPress.

If you can build a single site WordPress solution that implements everything that your users need, you can easily extend that to a SaaS by introducing different roles, capabilities, and subscription-based payment plans per user role (depending on your pricing plans).

Additionally, the ability to leverage WordPress multisite in order to create snapshots of your distribution allows for more granular control and separation of concerns, thus providing the same feature set to all of your users with a higher sense of security.

Some of our SaaS solutions have scaled to over 10,000 subsites on a Multisite network that works fairly well.

To know more about saas based website and learn more about that follow this link.

Crowdfunding Websites


Would you like to raise funds for your next project that you believe would be “the next big thing” in your niche?

Well, with WordPress, it is very easy to turn your website into a crowdfunding platform. All you need to do is to install a crowdfunding plugin.

So, why should you raise funds on your website rather than using established platforms ? Here are some benefits…

  • You can save your fee.
  • Campaign promotion will be easier.
  • You have full control of your campaign.


Start a Cure is a fundraising platform for cancer research, which claims to be the world’s first patient-focused research funding platform to be entirely directed at cancer.

How to build Crowdfunding Website in WordPress?

Follow our complete guide on how to make crowdfunding website.

Photography Websites


Photographs to showcase your skills, To present your portfolio, Showcase your photography business to get clients, and more.

There are so many things you can do with websites if you are a photographer, You can get more clients, can make yourself look more professional, can make your business available to an online audience.

Is it hard to make a photography website?

Not at all, You can easily create manage, and run a photography website by yourself with help of WordPress. It offers amazing features to also like 360 photos, animations, and more to create your website better.

Follow this link to create your WordPress based photography website.

School or College Websites


WordPress powers thousands of schools and college websites around the world. It is safe, secure, and easy to manage.

Why Schools/Universities Need a Website?

You can create a website for your admin department of school or university or a news/notification portal for students and staff.

You can conduct online exams, meetings, and seminars on the website.

How to Make WordPress Based School/Universities Website?

To make a website with such functions, Follow our guide on how to make school website with WordPress.

Online Consulting Sites


WordPress offers facilities like blog posting, product selling, bookings services, marketing brands, maintaining customer experience, and more. Every Business’s consultancy section requires features like these, WordPress has a lot of plugins and themes that can optimize the website as per the admin’s requirements.

What is a consulting website?

A Consulting website is a communication channel between you and our clients, Also It can be a showcase of your business.

How to make a Consultancy website with WordPress? 

there are so many aspects that should be taken care of while making a consultancy website like your client should be having trust in you, the website should be secure and seamless, with the user-friendly environment it should be having easy to communicate features.

Click here to get started on making a consulting website in WordPress.

Customer Feedback Sites


You can make a feedback website for your product or services. Also, it can be a subsite of some of your main sites as a customer feedback site.

Having feedbacks is the most crucial for marketing. Providing users a comfortable platform to give feedback is important, Most of the time product does not get reviewed, To solve such a problem you can offer a feedback site.

There are so many plugins and theme that lets you create a feedback site on WordPress. Click here to learn about how to create a feedback site with WordPress.

Product Business Agencies


You can make content-providing, product providing website or designing service agencies website to get clients from the higher audience and expand your business with more sales.

You can create a website to showcase your product or showcase your business to a fixed audience and you can get yourself, new customers/clients, for your business or product.

What types of businesses can make their website?

For any type of business, you are owning or working for, Having a website is a great way to create your online presence.

And WordPress offers a lot of options and customizations for such businesses. Sales managing, product managing, client handling, marketing and other things can be easily done with help of WordPress.

If you want to start your business agency website then follow this given link

Online Exams


Most of the exams are conducted on online platforms nowadays, Not just exams job interviews, University exams, Surveys, and more.

You can make an online exam conducting website for your business to conduct interviews, to hire freelancers, or you can create such a website for your university or school to conduct your online examinations.

What is an online exams WordPress website? Does WordPress allow to make exams website?

Online exams website is a platform where you can conduct and take exams on multiple-choice based question answers, text-based question answers, and more.

WordPress has plenty of plugins and themes available for exam conducting website. You can easily create and manage such a website with help of WordPress.

Click here to get started making your online exams in WordPress.

Adult Websites


Adult content generally is prone to more bandwidth and resources for the website, It is not an easy task to manage an adult content website.

What is an Adult WordPress Website?

Website providing adult content in any category as sexual or intimate content, Age-restricted content, and NSF content for specific ages is known as adult websites.

What type of Adult Websites can you make in WordPress?

You can make an adult content serving website but there are various rules and regulations that must be followed in an adult content serving website.

Monetization for an adult content serving website?

It is a tough task to convert a well-grown adult content website because google does not support such content to monetize but still, there are so many ad platforms that support and results may be or not in favor in this category. 

To know more about How to make an Adult Content Website, Click here


Real Estate Websites


Real estate requires more professionalism in business to keep in track with competitors, Websites are the best way to make your self available to more audience.

To get your business’s internet presence you can make a website for that with interactive features.

WordPress gives amazing features to showcase yourself in a more professional and interactive way to make your website look and feel good.

Click here to get started building your WordPress website regarding the real estate business.

Dating Websites


Online dating sites are popular. It allows users to conveniently meet and connect with like-minded people. Also Dating site can be a high audience platform, You can create a Dating website, Meeting website for people to interact from across the world.

What is a dating site?

Dating website allows people to communicate with other peoples around the globe to interact and make relation or become friends.

How Dating site works?

The website can work with WordPress CMS with dedicated plugins and themes for dating websites, hookup website,s or meeting website.

The dating site allows people to introduce themself to other people.

How to monetize a dating site?

Monetizing a dating website is not a tough task as it can be done through any monetization gateways like google or any other. Besides Ads, it is also possible to create memberships for the website. 

Popular examples of dating sites.

Eharmony, Elite singles, and more.

Click Here to start to create your Dating WordPress Website.

Private Blogs


You can make private blogs website on your website to make an instructional website for your business, You can make policies websites, instructional websites, timetable websites for your business teams.

WordPress allows such optimizations that you can make a website only available for required members.

click here to know more

Dropshipping Website


Dropshipping is a type of e-commerce website but here orders as passed to marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and more.

What is a WordPress Dropshipping site?

Dropshipping is when a vendor fulfills orders from a third party and have them ship directly to the customer. The vendor does not store their own inventory or ship items directly. Instead, they focus mostly on marketing, advertising, and managing their online presence.

Most Popular Dropshipping Websites

Salehoo, Doba, Wholesale2B & More

Click here to know more about how to make a WordPress Dropshipping Website? 

Betting / Gambling Website


A betting website is gambling software for your users to play and gamble on your platform. For the sole purpose of earning & monetization, this category is considered some of the highest targeted audience reaching websites.

There are so many rules and regulations that you have to follow but WordPress has plenty of themes and plugins supportive of gambling websites.

What is a WordPress Gambling site?

Online gambling or betting site provides features like online virtual poker, casinos, and sports betting. Where users can gamble in a natural way but in websites.

What type of Gambling Site can you make?

You can make a website to conduct games like poker, casinoes, blackjack, video poker, slots & More to host on the website.

Most Popular Gambling Websites,, & More

How to make a WordPress Gambling Website?

A betting website is gambling software for your users to play and gamble on your platform.

there are so many things to keep in mind before making a gambling website like legality, reputation, Deposits, taxes and more. To know more about click here

Check complete points to keep in mind before making a WordPress betting or gambling Site.

Business/Enterprise Website


WordPress is an easy but effective way to build a professional website, some of the powerful businesses have been built under WordPress for their web presence. Enterprise websites or business websites require a clear audience type and content type. serving a right purpose to the right audience can change completely the level of business.

Quality content can set you apart from your competition. make easy and useful articles, company stores, and guides that will increase your credibility. When you create content, keep in mind the following:

  • Don’t exaggerate with big paragraphs of text. Most web users will quickly scan your pages to see what you offer so you shouldn’t lose their attention with too much text. Be concise and to the point.
  • Merge different types of content. Don’t limit yourself to text. Instead, combine videos, images, slideshows, and text to offer richer articles.

Click Here to know more about building a business based website on WordPress.

Membership Site


Membership websites allow users to become a member and provide niche-based services and products and on other hand it allows clients to receive such services and products.

A membership site can be an extension to an eCommerce site or a content providing site also.

What Is A Membership Site?

Membership Site allows admin to make money online by allowing users to pay for premium content, features, and access to the community.

How to Make Membership Website?

You can follow this guide to make WordPress based membership guide

Multisite Network


WordPress has an amazing feature known as multisite, which allows websites to create multiple subsites in a single instance with subdomains or subdirectories. With WordPress Multisite you can create WordPress Managed network sites and share themes plugin and all the content across the network. You can create a membership website to offer sub-sites of the website. Premium Saas projects, companies, and School universities can create this type of website.

The plugins on the network share the same directories so that the admin can manage all the actions, In a normal subdomain structured site new installation of WordPress is required but in this manner, WordPress allows to share the data directory also.

The sub-sites in Multisite networks can share the same plugins, themes, and databases, but they don’t have their own unique server directory. Although, they do have individual media directories and tables in the database, which guarantee you unique content for each site from the network. You can either use the same plugins or you can have specific plugins that work on a subsite X and subsite Y or have activated plugins that are available across the whole network.

Follow this guide to make your WordPress website in Multisite Network.

You can start the guide from the menu bar on the left side, From Introduction to End.

or You can follow the below next-previous links.