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In technical computer networking, the Meaning of Localhost is “This Computer”.

Hosting a website on your device is generally known as localhost.


How Localhost Works?

Whenever you search for something on your browser, It generates a URL and connects to a host computer somewhere else after requesting data. Which is showed as a search result.
In localhost, the Storing device and searching device are the same. If your computer is running localhost, Your browser will know that the data requested is from the same computer.


Why localhost is Used?

Localhost is used for a testing environment and development purposes of sites. And it is used for learning website development. If users want to learn how to create websites or their components.
If users do not want to have hostings or server storage, generally students do not prefer to spend money on hosting or server space, they can use localhost to start learning on their device.


Who should use localhost?

By Students: To learn Web development

By Developers: To create components of a website or to develop new web software.

It can be used as a testing environment also.


How to use Localhost?

Localhost is working with software like WAMP, LAMP, MAMP, XAMPP.


Technical Information About Localhost

When a device requests data from the internet, it registers with the device’s IP address.

  • For localhost, the IP address is fixed, which is 127.0.01.
  • Localhost uses IPv4 and IPv6.
  • It works on the loopback network interface.

Localhost is a reserved top-level DNS name, which means no one can register a domain name as the domain .localhost. Whenever a user searches for localhost on a computer it should showcase the data from the computer only.
Loopback network interface sends data to localhost. That data gets routed back automatically to the user without modification.



Does WordPress Work on Localhost?

Yes, WordPress can be used in Localhost. To start learning about WordPress, users can install WordPress inside localhost and create a website using localhost WordPress.

Local hosted WordPress supports all the plugins, themes, functions, and everything. It works the same as web-hosted WordPress. but it is only discoverable to the creator device.

To host a website on web hosting. HOsting is required. But if the admin wants to learn about the environment first then using the local host is a better option.

Follow this to install WordPress on localhost.

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