How to Setup Atom for WordPress Development?

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If you are a WordPress Developer, You must be using Text Editor for Development Environment. Atom is an open-source Text Editor from Github. Lately, Atom is becoming more and more popular among developers.


What is Atom?

Atom Syndication Format is known as Atom. It is a format to publish content in XML to be used by feed readers and news aggregators. 

Quick Support & Github Community is the best reason for choosing Atom as Text Editor over other software.

It enhances the workability of every WordPress Theme Developer or Plugin developer. It works seamlessly for all operating systems OS X, Windows, and Linux.

It is open-source software, so use it for free. You can download and use it completely free.

Atom Setup in WordPress:

Download the latest version of Atom from its official website.

Complete the Download into your device and run the main file. you’ll see the main screen for software.

You can select to whether send your data to atom developers or not. If you are working on learning projects, You can use it otherwise uncheck it.

After closing all the tabs you will access the main menu, From here you can start creating projects.

How to Install WordPress Packages into Atom

Installing packages into atom is as easy as installing plugins into WordPress. After downloading Atom, Launch the code editor.

Go to: Main Menu > Atom > Preferences.

You’ll see, +Install. Click on that tab from the left-hand menu.

You will see a search bar from where you can search for tall the packages.

Click on the install button below the package.

All the packages with additional information are listed on the website.

Must-Have Atom Packages For WordPress

Atom developers are creating more and more packages so this is not a complete list of all packages. Community Developers are working for creating more and more WordPress-centric Softwares.

It is a list that will be helpful if you are a WordPress Developer using Atom.

1. Project Manager

It will help you manage all of your projects at a time with more efficiency.

2 Linter

It is used to keep packages organized. You have to in order to find the specific linter for the languages you develop in

3. WordPress Suite for Atom

It adds several features including extensive support for WP CLI, few general features such as adding a WordPress root folder to the Atom sidebar, support for notifications, and others.

4. WordPress Core API Support Package

It supports the WordPress core API for the Atom Editor.

5. Git Plus

Git requires efficient and easy repo management. By using Git commands or IDE, It doesn’t get simple. Git plus is made to solve exactly that problem. If you have worked with the command line and terminal, It will be easy for you otherwise it might take time for you to understand how it works.

6. wp-dev package for Themes and Plugin Development

It adds common snippets for WordPress development works.  Which is good for beginners.

7. WordPress Functions For Atom Package

It adds support for WordPress function suggestions and WordPress snippets.

8. Autocomplete WordPress Hooks Package

This package autocompletes WordPress actions and filters for your source code.

9. Minimap

Minimap was one of the very first packages we installed in Atom. Sublime Text comes with a document map by default, which makes navigating large files exponentially better. It adds the same functionalities 

10. WordPress Dictionary for Atom Package

It adds support for snippets of all WordPress functions, filter hooks, and action hooks for the Atom editor.

Benefits of using Atom Code editor

Atom will help WordPress Development in the following ways.

  • Community Support & Open source resources.
  • Hackable Editor for Customizations. Provides complete expandability.
  • Syntax Highlight and Autocomplete
  • Packages
  • Git Integrations
  • Fuzzy Search Function
  • multi-cursor, manipulating text methods, And good syntax highlighting


Code and text Editors are essentials for Developers. There are so many Code Editors But Atom is preferable because of open-source resource availability, functions extending capabilities.

Team Vebely

Team Vebely

Feel Free To Share Your Reviews & Comment Down Below Any Suggestions, Remarks, New Ideas, Mistakes Or Any New Tweak That Might Help Newbies For Better Learning.

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